Tutorial: Raspberry Pi & Music center

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Tutorial: Raspberry Pi & Music center

Mensaje por retroAdmin » 06 Feb 2018 16:28

The Raspberry Pi can serve us for many things, today I decided to set up a "music center" with my Raspberry Pi. The idea is to assemble the software and later put it inside an old radio. We will control the playlist, songs, power off, etc. with the mobile phone

Materials for mounting a Music Center with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi: We are worth any version (except the Pi Zero)

Memory Micro SD or SD: Depending on our Raspberry Pi, we will use one or the other. The bigger it is, the more songs will fit us

Mount Music Center with Raspberry Pi. Install the software

We will download the RuneAudio operating system that is perfectly adapted to serve as Music Center since it starts very fast and has a server to look like a mobile app.
We must download the version adapted to our Raspberry, keep in mind that it is a .zip file so we must decompress it. Now we have to record it on our memory card, we can use Win32DisImager or Etcher, both have a very simple operation. The recording will take a while, when we finish installing it we can put the card in the Raspberry Pi.

Now we must turn on the Raspberry Pi by connecting it to the TV to configure the Wifi of our house. For this we need to have a keyboard and a mouse. Click on Menu-Settings and there we configure the Wifi. It is better if we put a fixed IP as we can find it from the mobile if we do not work the dns of the Raspberry Pi (strangely it does not work on the mobile)

On our computer, in a browser we can access http: // runeaudio and enter the player. From the mobile to me it does not work to put in the browser http: // runeaudio, so I use the IP that I have put before.
Increase the space of the SD to the maximum

The RuneAudio although we have put a large card will leave us only 2GB for the system and the music being the rest unused, to use it you have to resize the partition. Press CTRL + ALT + F1 to enter the console 1. It will ask for username and password, which are these:

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user: root
password: rune
We type:

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fdisk / dev / mmcblk0
Within fdisk we follow these instructions:

We type "p" to show the partitions, we will see 2, one of about 100Mb and the 2 of what occupies our card, this second partition is the important one.
We type "d" to delete the partition (the 2)
We type "n" to create a new partition
We type "p" to do it first and tell it to start and end in the default values
We type "w" to write the changes and exit

Restart the Raspberry Pi:

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sudo reboot
Now we must resize the partition, for it we return to the console by pressing as before (CTRL + ALT + F1)


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resize2fs / dev / mmcblk0pXXXX
Note that XXXX will be the partition number we previously removed (in our case it was partition number 2)

After this we can copy the music to our memory card

How to copy and play music in our media player with Raspberry Pi

You have to access our Music Center by Samba, the simplest way is from the computer in any window of file manager we put in the bar: \\ runeaudio and there we will see a folder MusicStore / LocalStorage, there we put our music.

Now we go to Menu-> Sources -> music library-> local storage and we are adding each one of the folders.

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Re: Tutorial: Raspberry Pi & Music center

Mensaje por retroAdmin » 16 Feb 2018 19:19

This is how it looks like in youtube:

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